Construction and Work Related Injuries

We are your Bozeman construction injury attorneys!  We have helped numerous injured workers in and around Bozeman who were seriously injured as the result of an unsafe work environment.  The types of injured workers we have represented include:

  • Serious electrical burns suffered a worker on a job site from faulty electrical grounding by the contractor
  • Severe leg injuries resulting from a temporary wall collapse sustained by a worker
  • Shoulder and neck injuries sustained when a laborer fell through a hold that wasn't properly marked or covered 

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Construction site injuries are some of the most preventable yet damaging types of injuries.  These injuries usually result from a contractor or subcontractor that was negligent in training, supervision, and/or implementation of the construction project.  Due to the nature of construction sites, there are numerous factors that can contribute to injuries.  

Common causes of construction injuries include:

  • Inadequate warning
  • Co-worker or other employee reckless conduct on site
  • Poor or inadequate safety training
  • Unsafe working conditions

Construction site accidents can result in a variety of serious injuries, including broken bones, brain injury, burns, catastrophic injuries, and more.  We have successfully represented many clients injured on construction sites.  

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