We are your Bozeman Insurance Attorneys!

From the minute you contact us - we begin to work for you.  It can be as simple as getting your medical expenses paid or getting your lost wages reimbursed.  

You pay monthly car, health and home insurance premiums, so it's only fair to expect your insurance companies to look out for you.  But experienced Bozeman insurance lawyers know insurance companies often neglect customers.  Insurance companies see it as their job to avoid paying you and it's our job to make them pay you.  We aggressively pursue your interests and make sure you get paid what is fair.  

There are strict laws in Montana designed to prevent unfair claim adjusting, claim settlement practices and bad faith by insurance companies.  Contact us today to find out your rights!

While insurance companies are required by law to uphold their policies, they may cover only the minimum dictated by the policy.  For fender-bender crashes this will usually suffice, but if your car is totaled or you have serious injury, you will have more difficulty pursuing your claim without a Bozeman lawyer, contact us today for your free case evaluation! 

If you have sustained injuries, talk with your doctor honestly.  Do not exaggerate or understate your injury.  If you require physical therapy or pain medication, or have to miss work, ask the doctor to indicate in your records that the car is necessary because of the car crash.  This information can help you deal with insurance adjusters more effectively.

Finally, if you suspect the insurance company is not treating you fairly, contact us today.  We have extensive experience in car crash insurance claims and can help you recover fair compensation for your injury and make sure the insurance company is playing by the rules!