Is Your Loved One a Victim of
Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Nursing home abuse is one of the most terrible crimes imaginable.  You trust professionals with the care of your beloved elderly or infirm relative, and if they betray that trust it is understandable that you may feel devastated and unsure where to turn.  Call us today!  Your family, and your loved one deserve justice.  We are passionate about standing up for our injured clients and their families.  We understand how to defend your rights, and we are prepared to make a difference in your case.  We believe in fighting for the justice our clients deserve - let us help you during this stressful and difficult time. 

Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse - Know the Signs

Nursing home abuse can occur in several different ways.  The abuse can be physical, financial, emotional, sexual, or mental.  Negligence can also be a serious problem that nursing home residents face due to malnutrition or caregivers ignoring them.  

Whether you are in a nursing home or your loved one is, it is important that you know the signs of abuse or neglect - a few of which include:

  • Signs of physical abuse such as broken bones, cuts, bruises, rashes and bed sores
  • Unusual timidity or fear around a staff member
  • Sudden changes in behavior or personality including shyness, silence, anger, or withdrawal
  • Strange uncharacteristic decisions regarding finances

We offer free case evaluations, allowing you to learn your options before making any decisions.  Should you decide to move forward with a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a nursing home facility or care provider, our firm will review the case thoroughly and provide you with guidance and compassion.  We are ready to stand with you against this horrible injustice, contact us today!